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Jet-Flex LTD is a special-company in laser-cutting-water-jet-cutting and CNC-milling, we also made complete parts including bending-welding and mounting in different materials.

In our sortiment of details there is a wide customers from large companys as ABB –Scania SAAB and Volvo-trucks to small prototype-shops. Our production-series is from 1 part up to 10000 details in various material and sizes.

With waterjet-cutting we cut all different materials and thickness up to 150 mm, and our laser-cutting machine cut mild steel up to 20 mm and in stainless up to 12 mm, we also cut aluminum in our laser up to 8 mm.

After the cutting process we are mill and drill the details in both horizontell and vertical CNC machine centers.

Click at the different material for examples on details.

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Jet-Flex AB
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